Jantsen & Stephan Jacobs are poppin’ “Rubberbands”

Jantsen & Stephan Jacobs are so fucking underrated it’s seriously retarded, “Rubberbands (Remix)” is the best shit I’ve heard all week. Right now I’m mentally dancing my ass off with 5,000 other people who are going ape-shit in a really good spot like Red Rocks – or in the forest could work. Download and feel the grin stretch over that pretty face your parents gave you.

Rubberbands (Remix) (play/download mp3)

San Francisco loves K. Flay

I’m feeling all things K. Flay now. She’s blazing her electro leaning beats at SXSW right now, then she will come back to San Francisco to finish up a record that will be released by RCA Records; In other words: she’s about to blow up, and it’s about fucking time. “miniVANS feat. Eligh” (of Oakland’s Living Legends Crew) is off her 2009 mix-tape, MASHed Potatoes, and gives you a sonic marker of just how hard K. Flay can drop.

miniVANS feat. Eligh (play/download mp3)

Visit K’s site to hear her latest beats.

I said it, now “Come Get It”

Now these are my type of chicks. They’re ridiculously hot, they have “pussy” in their name, and they make sexy loop-heavy music that you can bone to. “Come Get It (Remix)” is girthed with percussion and plenty of sensual bass that wakes your labido up. Then add dancehall samples and the perfect hip pumping tempo, and you find yourself with the soundtrack to your next sexual adventure.

Come Get (Remix) (play/download mp3)

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