I’m Daniel, creater of the Sf Music Sluts. This blog came together because I was having soo much fun going out in San Francisco that I actually wanted to talk about it. This isn’t my first blog, or my first involvement with music. Here’s my story: From the time I discovered there was a world of great music seething beyond my brother’s record collection, I have spent the majority of my energy exploring music that is new to me. I grew up listening to hip-hop, electronic and jazz. By the time I was 14 I started bedroom DJing. During high school I started my perpetual mixtape quest. Eventually I amassed enough gear and dirty-used records to turn what should have been a laundry room into a home studio. I immediately saw how artist like myself would be able to exploit new technology as a vehicle for delivering music straight to their fans. I still hold the same enthusiasm and love of new music as I did when I was a kid. The Music Sluts want to show the world all the electronic sounds that maybe wouldn’t be heard. I hope you enjoy the music you find here as much as I do. And we all know San Francisco is the shit. I love New York too.

#Want to be a slut?

Email me if you are a Bay Area music slut who wants to get bylines, free music, free shows. It’s all free, you should be too.

– daniel at subverseten dot com