Caspa at Mezzanine – San Francisco

Have you ever seen dubstep star Caspa live? Well, you should. I did a couple of weeks ago and it exceeded my expectations. First off, the whole way to catch cab we were arguing if the Mezzanine would be packed or not. It was a Tuesday and a few days before Christmas. Not only was the place perfectly populated, these kids came to rage.

We sat out the openers — they gave us no reason to dance. Once Caspa came on we found a spot on the back of the dance floor. I like to have room to dance, so we made a mini-dance circle. It gives us a small space to go ape-shit-mad, a feeling that Caspa gave us during his entire set. Caspa played his whole cataloge that night, a fact that only me and a handful of people in the crowd knew. Regardless what he played, he played all of his hits, and the floor never stopped pulsating, and I never stopped yelling “kill, kill, kill!!”

Caspa, “Itchy & Scratchy (play/download mp3)