5kinandbone5 + Richie Panic, “Choicez”

One thing I can tell you is that Richie Panic is a smart ass. “Choicez” Richie hooks up with sometimes LA, sometimes San Francisco group 5kinandbone5, who I assume rank up there with Richie in terms of smart-assness, and both artists have been commissioned to do remixes for Brooklyn label Fools Gold. “Choizes” is off Richie’s compilation, The Sound of Future Ass – a compilation that explores the future of ass.

Choicez (play/download mp3)

Visit Richie’s Soundcloud page and hear more sounds.

iNi & Selector Science, “Rewired” on INI’s “Inside Out EP”

Oakland CA’s label/promoter Grunt Worthy is the twisted brain child of Carly-D & Dr.Knobz. Between their monthly at 1015 in San Francisco, producing and releasing music that bends the rules of bass music, GruntWorthy is set to leave their fingerprint on the bass music culture in San Francisco. And like any good label, GruntWorthy is giving away INI’s latest EP, Inside Out. Beware, “Rewired!” starts of like some of that atmospheric drum n’ bass shit, but back up, this track is some 3-am-banger type material, the kind of tune you hear at a record store’s after-hours party.

Rewired! (play/download mp3)

Visit GruntWorthy’s awesome looking website to get more intel.

“Divergent Spectrum” Remixes EP

Bassnectar just “released” (gave away) a remix EP from his latest album, Divergent Spectrum, a very aptly titled record. Divergent Spectrum rides the full gamut of Bassnectar’s sound, from pretty bass from space, to straight up bangers. Although the pretty melodic shit that Bassnectar punctuates his shows with are a nice reprieve from the sledge hammer of bangers, me personally, I like the bangers. One of those bangers from Divergent Spectrum was Bassnectar and Jantsen’s “Red Step.” LA’s Steve Steve Aoki shows this tune proper respect by giving it just enough trendy-LA big-house sound that oscillates with Bassnectar & Jantsen’s carpet-bombing of basslines. Now don’t go all A.D.D. on me, because this remix keeps evolving and evolving, saving the best for last.

Bassnectar/Jantsen,”Red Step (Steve Aoki Remix) (play/download mp3)