MR. Vegas & Natalie Storm, “Doggy (Nick Catchdubs Rabid Mix)”

Need some tough ass riddims in your life right now? Well, I do. This “Doggy” remix by Fool’s Gold artist Nick Catchdubs is just what the bass doctor prescribes when you need to escape inside booming basslines and cut up vocals. Last time Nick came through San Francisco I missed him. You better believe I won’t make that same mistake twice.

Doggy (Nick Catchdubs Rabid Mix) (play/download mp3)

Kragen’s “Do It Now” does it for the Slut’s

One of my new favorite new labels started out as a dubstep nightly in Denmark (smart) called, Wobble Trouble. Over the last year they’ve evolved from the late night shadows into a full swinging label that has been turning out EPs, singles, and compilations by artists that any fan of bass music should be listening to. Their latest release from Kragen titled, “Do It Now” is a uptempo dancefloor ready track. But if you’re stuck in line at the bank, or waiting for the results of your latest STD screen, “Do It Now” will help you escape to a place where bass and tempo are the only compass points that you need.

Do It Now - SingleKragen
“Do It Now” (download mp3)
from “Do It Now – Single”
(Wobble Trouble)
Do It Now (play)

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Dirty remix of one dirty mouth MC

Last Saturday Bass Island landed at the Bill Gram Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Bass Island is the name Bassnectar’s special events. Anywho, last Saturday was also Bay Area resident An-Ten-Nae’s birthday. To celebrate he sent out a special sonic gift-bag, “Fuk Shit Stack AnTenNae dubl stack Remix.” An-Ten-Nae with his group, lowRIDERz, opened their 4-song set with this remix and the crowd never stopped jumping. Side note, the second song of their set was one that I posted last week. You can find it here. Warning: this song is dirty, not just in beats and bass, but also in language.

Reggie Watts, “Fuk Shit Stack (An-Ten-Nae dubl stack remix) (play/DL)