P.H. Phat reminding us we’re going to die

I have a feeling that P.H. Phat from South Africa love making beats as much as they love rapping (mostly) about putting their privates in any hole their nonexistent inhibitions decide. “Breakfastloopjam” I assume the trio made while they enjoyed a bowl of the South African version of Fruity Loops. This banger is off their latest EP,You Are Going To Die, released with a little help from JagerMEister who are helping artists like P.H. Phat get their music heard by as many people as possible. But if you’re feeling generous fuck it, go ahead and give them as much money as you want.

Breakfastloopjam (play/download mp3)

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“Stroke Me” featuring Mickey Avalon

Flaunting dance music on the arena rock stage, Lance Herbstrong is lighting up dance floors with this remix of “Stroke Me.” This one is sure to be a booty-rocker with Mickey Avalon providing just the right amount of his signature creepy-lurker-on-the-porn-set vocals. And if the beat motivates you to do so, flash your tits at the guy next to you.

Stroke Me (Mickey Avalon/ Lance Herbstrong Remix) (play/download mp3)

Check out Lance’s site to hear more sounds.

“Round In Circles (Mike G Rmx)” on Hot N’ Heavy Recordings

Owned and operated in San Francisco, Hot N Heavy Recordings continue to juke the dance music community’s attempts at compartmentalizing any of their releases into all inclusive genres like “bass” or “breaks,” and this remix of Bristol recording artist Admin’s first single single of 2012 “Round In Circles” by Mike G of LA’s Odd Future remains consistent with the label’s vision. “Round In Circles (Mike G Rmx)” kicks things off with a dream-y and downtempo-ish intro, building up to a kick-drum-happy beat, making this single accessible to tech-house dance floors everywhere.

Round In Circles (Mike G Rmx) (play/download mp3)

Hear all of HHH’s music on their Soundcloud page.