Mad Zach, “Glitch Villain”

Looks like a week can’t go by without me posting another worthy Muti Music mp3. If you can stomach the “Glitch Villain” intro, a world of twisted ass electronic stabs awaits. I don’t believe in the after life, but I think wherever Steve Jobs is right now Mad Zach is supplying the soundtrack.

The Devil's DancehallMad Zach
“Glitch Villain” (download mp3)
from “The Devil’s Dancehall”
(Muti Music)
Glitch Villain (play)

MR. Vegas & Natalie Storm, “Doggy (Nick Catchdubs Rabid Mix)”

Need some tough ass riddims in your life right now? Well, I do. This “Doggy” remix by Fool’s Gold artist Nick Catchdubs is just what the bass doctor prescribes when you need to escape inside booming basslines and cut up vocals. Last time Nick came through San Francisco I missed him. You better believe I won’t make that same mistake twice.

Doggy (Nick Catchdubs Rabid Mix) (play/download mp3)