Pillow Fight, “In The Afternoon”

Pillow Fight is a collaboration between long time Bay Area producer Dan the Automator and New York based folk-y/soul and songwriter Emily Wells. Dan was in the market for a female singer for his new project when mutual friend Kid Koala suggested Emily. Emily flew out to San Francisco for a 3-day recording marathon. Catch Pillow Fight at this years SXSW, or simply wet your ears with this download of “In The Afternoon.”

IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash Sampler 2012Pillow Fight
“In The Afternoon” (Download MP3)
from “IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash Sampler 2012”
In The Afternoon (Play)

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I read somewhere that Starfucker isn’t a very accessible name. Sure, you don’t want to give your grandma an album with the band name “Starfucker” on the cover. Me, personally, I love the name. I love saying it. I love that Starfucker (doesn’t pack the same punch when it’s typed) came out with a full version of their 2009 EP Jupiter, with 3 new tracks. “Jamie” is one of those newbie tracks, it has a forward-leaning electro sound. 1 new song down, 2 other new tracks to go, but you might have to buy them.

Starfucker Jupiter (2012)Starfucker
“Jamie” (download mp3)
from “Starfucker Jupiter (2012)”
(Badman Recording Co)
Jamie (play)
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Meditate On This

Meditations (of a Father)” is a product of hanging out with jazz-heads, record geeks, and turntable freaks. Everyone I ran with during this time where leaders in their own right, and I started listening to records in genres that I never knew existed. I learned to pull samples from under the rug, and had the opportunity to take my 4-track out of doors to record, among other things, a rain storm. This new way of thinking about sound and listening to music made outside of the mass marketed US music business, is expressed throughout this song.

Meditations of a Father (play/download mp3)