Classic J-Boogie track

A mainstay of the Bay Area music scene for over a decade (and one hell of a nice guy), J-Boogie has influenced and worked with artists both locally and globally. “La Sangre” has the quintessential late-ninety’s downtempo vibe. It opens with a bassline that would make James Brown turn over in his grave, and it only gets funkier, and sexier, from there!

La Sangre (play/download mp3)

SF’s Random Rab

Random Rab’s “Master of Gyroscopes” is a downtempo dream that transports me to a serene setting somewhere in India with gentle yet pulsating bass and hollow wooden percussion sounds. The sound of shared understanding that makes your head nod to the rhythm as well as to the unspoken message of its melody. I wish this beat would accompany me down the streets of San Francisco.

Random Rab – “Master of Gyroscopes (play/download mp3) 

Here more of Rab’s music. Peep his Soundcloud page.