Jantsen & Stephan Jacobs are poppin’ “Rubberbands”

Jantsen & Stephan Jacobs are so fucking underrated it’s seriously retarded, “Rubberbands (Remix)” is the best shit I’ve heard all week. Right now I’m mentally dancing my ass off with 5,000 other people who are going ape-shit in a really good spot like Red Rocks – or in the forest could work. Download and feel the grin stretch over that pretty face your parents gave you.

Rubberbands (Remix) (play/download mp3)

Bassnectar and Amp Live get nasty

I’m creaming in my paints because two of my favorite producers, Bassnectar and Amp Live are on “Ugly“, a little teaser off Bassnectar’s new album, VAVA VOOM (out April 10th). The Amp Live effect on “Ugly” is a snare booming, hop-hop leaning sound, and according to Bassnectar “[they] created a little banger to express how much we love it when music gets nasty.” I only stay at a show if the music is nasty. If you’re in the Bay Area, Bassnectar is playing in San Jose on May 5th. And be sure to check out Amp, his sets are always off the chain.

Ugly (ft. Amp Live) (play/download mp3)

iNi & Selector Science, “Rewired” on INI’s “Inside Out EP”

Oakland CA’s label/promoter Grunt Worthy is the twisted brain child of Carly-D & Dr.Knobz. Between their monthly at 1015 in San Francisco, producing and releasing music that bends the rules of bass music, GruntWorthy is set to leave their fingerprint on the bass music culture in San Francisco. And like any good label, GruntWorthy is giving away INI’s latest EP, Inside Out. Beware, “Rewired!” starts of like some of that atmospheric drum n’ bass shit, but back up, this track is some 3-am-banger type material, the kind of tune you hear at a record store’s after-hours party.

Rewired! (play/download mp3)

Visit GruntWorthy’s awesome looking website to get more intel.