“Divergent Spectrum” Remixes EP

Bassnectar just “released” (gave away) a remix EP from his latest album, Divergent Spectrum, a very aptly titled record. Divergent Spectrum rides the full gamut of Bassnectar’s sound, from pretty bass from space, to straight up bangers. Although the pretty melodic shit that Bassnectar punctuates his shows with are a nice reprieve from the sledge hammer of bangers, me personally, I like the bangers. One of those bangers from Divergent Spectrum was Bassnectar and Jantsen’s “Red Step.” LA’s Steve Steve Aoki shows this tune proper respect by giving it just enough trendy-LA big-house sound that oscillates with Bassnectar & Jantsen’s carpet-bombing of basslines. Now don’t go all A.D.D. on me, because this remix keeps evolving and evolving, saving the best for last.

Bassnectar/Jantsen,”Red Step (Steve Aoki Remix) (play/download mp3)

Caspa at Mezzanine – San Francisco

Have you ever seen dubstep star Caspa live? Well, you should. I did a couple of weeks ago and it exceeded my expectations. First off, the whole way to catch cab we were arguing if the Mezzanine would be packed or not. It was a Tuesday and a few days before Christmas. Not only was the place perfectly populated, these kids came to rage.

We sat out the openers — they gave us no reason to dance. Once Caspa came on we found a spot on the back of the dance floor. I like to have room to dance, so we made a mini-dance circle. It gives us a small space to go ape-shit-mad, a feeling that Caspa gave us during his entire set. Caspa played his whole cataloge that night, a fact that only me and a handful of people in the crowd knew. Regardless what he played, he played all of his hits, and the floor never stopped pulsating, and I never stopped yelling “kill, kill, kill!!”

Caspa, “Itchy & Scratchy (play/download mp3)

All Out of Bubblegum

Now this is how I like to start my weekends, with a dubstep banger. NYC’s Proper Villains pulled a vocal sample from John Carpenter’s, “The Fog,” added some spooky Halloween effects, then tore the whole thing down with a proper dubstep bassline. Haters of dubstep beware; this song may scare the shit out of you. Lovers of dubstep, come join me as I celebrate the end of the work week (for some)!

Proper Villains, “All Out of Bubblegum (download play/mp3)