San Francisco loves K. Flay

I’m feeling all things K. Flay now. She’s blazing her electro leaning beats at SXSW right now, then she will come back to San Francisco to finish up a record that will be released by RCA Records; In other words: she’s about to blow up, and it’s about fucking time. “miniVANS feat. Eligh” (of Oakland’s Living Legends Crew) is off her 2009 mix-tape, MASHed Potatoes, and gives you a sonic marker of just how hard K. Flay can drop.

miniVANS feat. Eligh (play/download mp3)

Visit K’s site to hear her latest beats.

P.H. Phat reminding us we’re going to die

I have a feeling that P.H. Phat from South Africa love making beats as much as they love rapping (mostly) about putting their privates in any hole their nonexistent inhibitions decide. “Breakfastloopjam” I assume the trio made while they enjoyed a bowl of the South African version of Fruity Loops. This banger is off their latest EP,You Are Going To Die, released with a little help from JagerMEister who are helping artists like P.H. Phat get their music heard by as many people as possible. But if you’re feeling generous fuck it, go ahead and give them as much money as you want.

Breakfastloopjam (play/download mp3)

Download You Are Going To Die, then share.


I read somewhere that Starfucker isn’t a very accessible name. Sure, you don’t want to give your grandma an album with the band name “Starfucker” on the cover. Me, personally, I love the name. I love saying it. I love that Starfucker (doesn’t pack the same punch when it’s typed) came out with a full version of their 2009 EP Jupiter, with 3 new tracks. “Jamie” is one of those newbie tracks, it has a forward-leaning electro sound. 1 new song down, 2 other new tracks to go, but you might have to buy them.

Starfucker Jupiter (2012)Starfucker
“Jamie” (download mp3)
from “Starfucker Jupiter (2012)”
(Badman Recording Co)
Jamie (play)
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