I said it, now “Come Get It”

Now these are my type of chicks. They’re ridiculously hot, they have “pussy” in their name, and they make sexy loop-heavy music that you can bone to. “Come Get It (Remix)” is girthed with percussion and plenty of sensual bass that wakes your labido up. Then add dancehall samples and the perfect hip pumping tempo, and you find yourself with the soundtrack to your next sexual adventure.

Come Get (Remix) (play/download mp3)

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New music from Kraddy!

I’m loving this new product from Kraddy, the archetype of Glitch Mob’s sound. His new album, Anthems of the Hero, is as much metal as it is electronic. Never shying away from his glitch-hop roots, “Iron Man” packs those glitchy baselines in with a studio drummer and the iconic chord structure of Black Sabbath’s original recording. Would Tony Iommi approve of Kraddy’s reinvention of metal? Who cares. Kraddy is ripping his sound bigger and badder then ever.

Iron Man (play/download mp3)

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Bassnectar and Amp Live get nasty

I’m creaming in my paints because two of my favorite producers, Bassnectar and Amp Live are on “Ugly“, a little teaser off Bassnectar’s new album, VAVA VOOM (out April 10th). The Amp Live effect on “Ugly” is a snare booming, hop-hop leaning sound, and according to Bassnectar “[they] created a little banger to express how much we love it when music gets nasty.” I only stay at a show if the music is nasty. If you’re in the Bay Area, Bassnectar is playing in San Jose on May 5th. And be sure to check out Amp, his sets are always off the chain.

Ugly (ft. Amp Live) (play/download mp3)