Memory Lane instrumental

Any fan of hip-hop is familiar with Nas’ first album, illmatic (and if you’re not I urge you to go and listen to it right after you listen to this mp3). Produced buy DJ Premier, illmatic became an instant classic. Finally a band comes along to give an analog tribute to the sick production. Will Sessions are led by twenty-six year old trumpeter/pianist/arranger Sam Beaubien. Most of the other five members were born and bred in the Bay Area. Will Sessions have found a home in Detroit but there funky sound is truly region-less.

The Elmatic InstrumentalsWill Sessions
“Memory Lane” (download mp3)
from “The Elmatic Instrumentals”
(Fat Beats)
Memory Lane (play)


Fela Soul

I think that proper mash-ups (not that Journey Vs. Tone Loc shit) may be making a comeback. And nowhere is this more blazingly, and artistically done, as on Fela Soul (get it, Fela Kuti with De La Soul lyrics on top — duh). This sonic marriage was made possible by Amerigo Gazaway – a hip-hop producer based in Nashville. Without a doubt “Stakes is High” is one of my favorite De La songs. And you can’t go wrong with a super-slamming Fela beat who influenced James Brown’s funk moment! Get the rest of the tracks for free (you can’t charge when ripping copyrights from 2 different labels) over at Amerigo’s crew’s Bandcamp site Gummy Soul.

Stakes Is High (remix) (play/download mp3)

Be sure to visit Amerigo’s cool official site.

Booty bass, well, sort of…

Leslie Hall was REALLY famous in my circle of friends, more specifically, my x-girlfriend and all her girl friends. Leslie Hall gained internet fame from making ironic music videos of her original songs, all filmed in her native IOWA. All the videos are funny as shit. She’s all about gem sweaters and ugly-ass glasses, and I’m sure she is drag queen legend Divine’s illegitimate daughter.

“Blame the Booty (NSL’s Bottom Heavy Remix)” (play/download mp3)