Bounce baby, bounce

This really happened to me in the summer of 2003 in The Mission neighborhood of SF:

I went to this house party last week and I wander into the backyard, and literally the whole party is dancing. Some hipster turns to me and says, “I have been waiting all night to hear some booty bass!” The DJ had the crowd rubbing all over each other, and the girls at the party were fine. So download “Bounce,” throw a party, and get the crowd jumpin!

DJ Assault – “Bounce (play/download mp3)

Put That Pussy On Me!

Flashback to 2005: If you were the type of music lover that listened to hip-hop as much as dance music, you would have had Spank Rock songs playing in heavy rotation. They combined electro heavy beats with sexually charged lyrics: a combination you wouldn’t play in front of grandma. “Put That Pussy On Me” is quintessential B-More heat that knocks as hard now as it did when it dropped.

Spank Rock – “Put That Pussy on Me (play/download mp3)