Z*Trip @ Manor West, San Francisco

March 2, 2011

While the rest of San Francisco slept last Wednesday night, Z*Trip showed the crowed at Manor West why the 30 cover price was well worth it. I show up to Manor West and the door guy has no idea who or what was going on inside. I tried to confirm the this is where Z-Trip was tonight. He replied, “You are like the 100th person to ask me that tonight. No, that party is across the street (pointing).” The girl who eventually took my 30 bucks runs up franticly to correct him.

Manor West is your typical SOMA club. Fancy wooden chandeliers hang dramatically from the ceiling. The place is wired with live-streaming video of the Z*Trip playing. And the VIP section is bigger then the dance floor. Basically the vibe is like walking through a Spike Lee film.

Z*Trip has total dance floor control the whole night. With a flip of his fader he can command the crowed to move however he likes. At one point this 21 year-old blonde girl jumps up to dance in front to Z*trip. He immediately stops the music and yells at the girl, “this ain’t your show. You don’t even know who MOP is.” Her boy puppet for the night pulls her down and he starts right back up.

The rest of the night the crowed was treated with breaks and beats that went from rock n’ roll breaks, then he throws in a reggae bassline, then lays over some rap, then drops the whole thing into a jungle track — all this without skipping a beat. Z*Trip kept asking the crowed, “who’s calling in sick tomorrow?” I know I did. In case you’ve never heard the man that the now classic “Uneasy listening Pt. 1” mixtape. It was made with just records.

Uneasy Listening Pt. 1 (play/download)

Show Review + mp3: Slayers Club + LoveTech 2 Year Anniversary at Public Works

January 31, 2011, San Francisco
I wasn’t going to originally publish this review because I had hardly anything good to say. Then I figured, if these dudes don’t know they are fucking up, then who’s going to tell them? Friday at Public Works I showed up to Love Tech 2001, bass/breaks crew the Slayers Club 2 year anniversary.

We arrived and glided right by the live artist ‘art zone’. They were producing work that rivals the stuff I saw on the Venice Beach boardwalk when I was fifteen. We got our drinks and turned our ears to what seemed to be a dope collaboration playing right in the middle of the dance floor — until you actually listened. I was itching to hear SF’s live crunked-out West Coast bass-music group The Flying Skulls.

The Skulls finally stepped on stage and gave the audience a set that was a lot heavier on bass then the last time I saw them. But considering the fellow headliners are two heavy-hitters in the bass music department, it’s to be expected. It was too bad that they played for only 45-minutes. It was also too bad that was the best music of the night.

I know things aren’t right when I see Mochipet Playing along side Freddy Future and Joe Mousepad and he’s not in his famous purple dino-suit. Then here comes the MC. The rest of the night he turned the bass-future beats of Mochipet-n-crew inaudible due to his obnoxiously loud, incessant freestyling. Dude, your name is not at the top of the flyer. We didn’t come to hear you. We spent most the rest of the night smoking outside. Everyone took turns braving the, is-the-MC-off-yet check. By the time it was Slayers Club’s turn to wash the dance floor with beats we lost complete interest and went home.

Here is song from The Flying Skulls 2009 album, Lift Off!

“Mo Money Extended Mix (play/download mp3)

Bassnectar at The Fox Oakland (12/11)

Bassnectar played the last show of his fall tour to a sold out crowed at the The Fox Theater Oakland Saturday night (12/11). Amp Live of Zion I opened the show. Followed by the worst Bassnectar impersonation of-all-time by Eskimo. After we where all bored listening to music we didn’t come to hear, Bassnectar got up wasting no time dropping bass lines and sweeping up with the title track of his latest EP, “Wildstyle.” Bassnectar continued to show why the man sells out every show. He uses his music to give his audience the ultimate visceral workout. People in the balcony where pumping their arms and throwing glowing pieces of plastic onto the packed crowd below. Guys where lifting their girlfriends up to crowd surf. Hundreds of under-21 kids walked around bass drunk and happy. The sluts can’t wait for his next Bay Area appearance when he plays the Saturday night before San Francisco’s shit-show-race, Bay To Breakers. See you all there.

Bassnectar – “Boombox (Datsik Remix)” (play/download mp3)