Fela Soul

I think that proper mash-ups (not that Journey Vs. Tone Loc shit) may be making a comeback. And nowhere is this more blazingly, and artistically done, as on Fela Soul (get it, Fela Kuti with De La Soul lyrics on top — duh). This sonic marriage was made possible by Amerigo Gazaway – a hip-hop producer based in Nashville. Without a doubt “Stakes is High” is one of my favorite De La songs. And you can’t go wrong with a super-slamming Fela beat who influenced James Brown’s funk moment! Get the rest of the tracks for free (you can’t charge when ripping copyrights from 2 different labels) over at Amerigo’s crew’s Bandcamp site Gummy Soul.

Stakes Is High (remix) (play/download mp3)

Be sure to visit Amerigo’s cool official site.