FS is back, with class

In the late 90s and early 2000s the DJ/club scene in San Francisco was taken over by hip-hop and drum n’ bass.  But as we spent countless nights spending too much for beer and shouting “rewind” in various quasi-legal spaces, there was an another sound fermenting in the studios of San Francisco’s music scene, that history has proven to be way more influential. Durning that time, a handful of artists were taking their favorite parts of hip-hop and DnB, juxtaposing them, then injecting their product with a heavy dose of neck breaking bass. FS (one half of the group Ming & FS) was one of those benchmark SF artists that successfully bridged the gap between hip-hop, jungle, and techno — heavily influencing the genre that we now call ‘bass music.’ FS eventually left San Francisco for Brooklyn, and 10 plus years later he’s still delivering electro-glitch-ridden beats and intricately woven sounds, while keeping it all very, very funky.

Filmi, “Hinduistics (FS Rmx) (play/download mp3)

Be sure to check out FS’ site for all the intel.