Future, Sex, Computers (what else is there?)

With 6 releases under his belt, The Polish Ambassador (born: David Sugalski) has had time to develop and hone his sound, and his artistic development is blazingly apparent on his new release, Future, Sex, Computers out now on 1320 Records. Pulling from a mixed bag of electronic styles, each track on FSC, The Polish Ambassador explores the deeper, stronger, lusher sounds of electro.

With soo many great compositions on Future, Sex, Computers, it was a task shining the light on which cut I would choose as the single, or, more importantly, which tune serves as a proper sonic microcosm of the entire album. After weeks of listening, I decided on, “Quantum Peeps.” Although more uptempo then some of the songs on the album, “Quantum Peeps” showcases The Polish Ambassador’s mature electro sound, balancing the cerebral and visceral elements of dance music, without compromising dance floor integrity. In other words, this cut knocks!

Quantum Peeps (play/download mp3)

Listen to the rest of The Polish Ambassador album over on his official website.