Live Show Review + mp3: Tipper in San Francisco

UK beat genius Tipper has recently  added “Sound Experience” to his printed name.  The move may be so he fits in better while he crushes every festival he plays at this summer, or maybe it’s because his compositions are sufficiently dope enough, and “Tipper” just didn’t do his shows justice. After seeing him at The Regency in San Francisco, my vote is the latter.

The Regency has shit sound. Not because they don’t have good equipment and competent people running that equipment, it just sounds like you’re standing inside a giant cardboard shoe box. The sound guys had 4 stacks of speakers placed right on the floor, one in each corner, making a rectangular dance floor.  Not the best set up for Denver based artist Vibesquad. Anyone who’s see his live show knows his music is percussion-dominated, with a lot of hip-hop lyrics on top. It took me 2 hours to find a good spot. Just as we all settled into our new surroundings Tipper came on.

Tipper has said in interviews that he loves making music but hates play in-front of audiences. This was the 4th time seeing him and he always, I mean always, looks like there is a man with a knife to his back whispering in this ear “kill it, or I will kill you”. Tipper’s productions osculate between downtempo and more bass driven music. Tipper knows The City has a huge bass music scene and he made the floor at The Regency pulsate all night. I had a few people turn to me as we lit-up the dance floor-up and say, “that shit’s grimy as fuck.” True. Best show I’ve see in San Francisco this year? Yes!

I didn’t mention that Dov opened the show because he was only there to fill time, however this remix knocks:

T.O.B. – “Decoy (ill Gates/Dov Remix) (play/download mp3)