Live show review: Pantraid @ 1015 – San Francisco

Pantyraid @ 1015, 4/22/11

Pantyraid (Marty Party and Ooah, of Glitch Mob fame) exploded on the bass music scene with their ’09 hit, “Beba.” Show me one dubstep/glitch-hop/bass music mix released during the spring/summer of 2009 that didn’t include their breakout hit. So it wasn’t a shock to me they opened their set Friday night at 1015 with the original of “Beda.” And this may explain why 1015 was over sold that night — we were packed in their asshole-to-elbows that night, seriously.

Never mind that it was almost hard to breath in there. Pantyraid blessed the crowd with exactly what we came to expect, epic basslines that rained on the crowd like a shower from the bass gods. A lot of their set was dedicated to their new EP released this week, Superior. A 4-song bass music blast that balances Ooah’s glitch-hop roots with Marty Party’s abrasive breaks touch.

A lot of people think 1015 Folsom is a shit club. I have to call bull-shit on that. Last Friday was one of the best shows I’ve seen in my 11 years of attendance there. No other spot in San Francisco can support the pulsating basslines of Pantyraid, and no other club can accentuate the booming rhythms that this team produced that night with lasers and lights. 1015 is my choice for seeing bass music in The City. And Pantraid’s new EP is my choice for EP of the year (so far).

Visit Pantyraid’s website to hear Superior and get more intel.

In case you’ve been living in a cave in Afghanistan for the last 2 years, here’s Pantyraid’s Beba (original) (play/download mp3)