Live Show Review + Mp3s: FreQ Nasty @ Spider Ball

Bentley Reserve, San Francisco – 10/28

Once a year (except for last year) The Bentley Federal Reserve building in the financial district of San Francisco gets cleared out, mobile bar units are set up, and a rave called “Spider Ball” gets turned ‘on.’ This year the headliner was FreQ Nasty. If you live in San Francisco, and aren’t a yoga enthusiast, Freq Nasty is an elusive headliner. I have a few friends that haven’t heard him play since Burning Man, two years ago. It wasn’t a memorable performance. A lot of what he played, The Sluts have posted. So here is the rundown of the songs he played that The Sluts posted in the past:

Bassnectar, “Upside Down

Doctor P, “Sweet Shop


FreQ Nasty, “Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit)

Monster of bass

FreQ Nasty has taken his sweet time in getting famous, but I think his vigilance will soon pay off. Besides killing crowds nightly, he’s released a new EP on the Bay Area’s premier bass music label Muti Music aptly named: Dread At The Controls. Anyone who has been fortunate to see him live knows that dance floors are punished with his electro-breaks meets bass-music formula all served by the one and only monster-dready FreQ Nasty.

Dread At The ControlsFreQ Nasty
“Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit)” (download mp3)
from “Dread At The Controls”
(Muti Music)
“Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit) (play)

I want more!