New Year Sun Bear lives next door

Only in San Francisco can you yell out your bedroom window at midnight, “Hey! Don’t block the driveway,” then get invited to come down for a beer on the next door neighbor’s stoop. This is how I met New Year Sun Bear (born Remy Cox). A native of San Diego, New Sun Bear wasn’t born out of the romantic fantasy of pop stardom. Maybe that’s why NSB’s music is so refreshing. As pop music turns more-and-more electronic (Crystal Castles, MGMT) artist like New Year Sun Bear are filling the void of guitars, bass, drums, and replacing the 3 guys with synths and recording software. “Michela And I” is off his only album, At The Café With Karyotakis, and has the perfectly dreamy San Francisco vibe. Double harmonies and foggy synths carry Remy’s romantic vocals. The result will have you cuddling up with your lover for the night, or just spacing out on the absurdity of it all. Either way it does what pop music is supposed to do: make you feel good.

New Sun Bear – “Michela And I (play/download mp3)

New Sun Bear is cool. He’s giving you the rest of, At The Café With Karyotakis for free. But, of course, you can always donate.